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IT and Engineering Services

SEDRATECH supports many different customers in various industries with their Engineering and IT needs. SEDRATECH’s engineering services include Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Electronic and Embedded Services, and Aftermarket Services. SEDRATECH's IT services include Web-development, Cloud Computing Solutions, Network Infrastructure and on-site IT Technical Support. Our team is committed to support our customers’ Engineering and Information Technology needs. In the engineering space, we are also into Product Development, Advanced Composites, RF Systems Design, Antenna Design and Development, and PLM. In the IT space, we are also in the internet of things, machine to machine communication, working closely with our partners; and we have micro sensors that can serve as asset tracking, or temperature and pressure monitoring wirelessly.

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Business Uncomplicated

EXTO allows you to efficiently control all of your HR, payroll, business, employee benefits, and perks, along with online marketing to the EXTO community from a single login. We do that by providing you services that are: functional, reliable, convenient, and cost effective.
Simple, affordable and exceptionally powerful, EXTO provides innovative solutions that allow small enterprises to compete with major competitors.
EXTO allows small business owners to offer their employees 15% - 50% discounts and deals from over 125,000 local and national vendors all accessible from any device, any time – no downloads required. In addition, you and your employees can access items like eTickets, in-store coupons, and monthly newsletters highlighting the newest offers.

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#1 online training marketplace is an eLearning service provider for individuals and corporations seeking professional education advancement.

e-SKY Solutions was founded by a group of senior professionals with nearly 50 years of industry, consulting and academic experience and an intimate understanding of the mobile professional's training challenges. Our Integrated Multi-Channel Online Learning is an innovative teaching philosophy that mimic's real-life learning routines. It not only offers access to instruction, support materials and references, but also delivers an online learning community for students to share and internalize knowledge. Our goal is to be the one stop shop for all your professional online training needs; we are adding courses daily to our repertoire.

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Video Production, Advertising, Instructional videos

e-SKY Production is a trade name and strategic business unit, operating under SedraCorp Inc, which is solely focused on video production. e-SKY Production was created to focus on the instructional video side of the business.

Our professional video production crew will make it easy and fun to create your custom courses. The final product will always look professional and best in class. We leverage green-screen technology and high-end CGI computer Graphical Imagery, combined with 3D animation to create courses that are visually stunning and effective for learning.

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