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Culture and Mission



At SEDRACORP Inc., a culture of collaboration is at the grass roots of common identity at all levels of the organization.  We pride ourselves in having created fertile grounds for innovation, where our focus is constantly on consumer needs. We intend to improve people’s lives through our innovation.

Four pillars on which the company is built: Ethics; Our People; Technology and Our Customer.


All our division share the same core values of high integrity and ethical conduct. Inspired by Google’s “don’t do evil”, we aspire to “DO GOOD” when it’s possible and within our reach. Together, we can change the world to a better place, and we all have to do our part; even as a business.

Our People

Our people define who we are. We hire smart people who are capable and are not afraid to execute; people who don’t fear making mistakes, and are willing to recover when they do. Perpetual improvement and continuous learning are paramount to the success of our organization and the satisfaction of all those who fall under the SEDRACORP Inc. umbrella.


Technology is at the forefront of all what we do. We believe in a world where technology enables mankind to change the paradigm by which they live and live better lives. Be it through ease of access to education or proper tools to enhance people’s work experience, we strive to think outside the box to harness today’s technology and add to it to. We want to come up with tomorrow’s new world and shape it.

Our Customers

We strive to build a consumer centric organization. Our customers’ needs are at the core of what we do and what we develop. Hence we are a requirement driven company, whereas all projects that are directly driven by a customer, are managed through requirement documents that are revised continually during the project to ensure 100% satisfaction at project close out.


Our ultimate goal is to change the world through innovation and technology, by creating the ideal environment for collaboration between us and our various partners; with aggressive acquisitions where need be.