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Your Technology Partner

Established in 2014, Sedratech is the fruition of a man with a vision.

Malak Sedra aspires to embrace technology from soup to nuts with the purpose of paving the way for people around the globe to hit their strides, in their professional as well as their personal lives. Being an engineer with an MBA and substantial experience in the corporate world, Sedra had access to a vast pool of knowledge combining technology with business practices. Sedra believes in team-work and collaboration. He believes in creating space that empowers people around him to learn and grow so that they can harness the fruits of their innovative potential. The company is young and growing fast in breadth and depth. Our network of partners and clients is exponentially expanding along with body of knowledge and strategic positioning.

In Sedratech, empowerment is paramount. We want our team to feel the passion of doing what they love to do; through collaboration and innovation. We encourage initiatives and new ideas. Our business grows along with our people; their personal growth leads to our collective professional expansion. There are no boundaries to our team’s capacity for creation. We’re laid back and we would like to strike a balance between work and home for everybody working in our firm. Every day we make sure our employees get their dose of professional productivity lessons; be it on subjects such as personal time management, mail box management or business grammar, the objective is simple: leverage their knowledge and tap into their potential for the benefit of every one.



Sedratech supports many different customers in various industries with their Engineering and IT needs.

Sedratech's IT services include:

IT Consulting

    • Mobile Solutions
    • Website Development
    • E-Commerce
    • Technical Support
    • Custom Software Development
    • Hosting
    • Social Media Marketing

Business Consulting

    • Business Consulting
    • Project Management Service
    • Strategy Development & Implementation
    • Lean & Continuous Improvement
    • Change Management
    • ERP & CRM Systems

HRM Solutions

    • Offshoring
    • E-Learning (Online Training)
    • Performance Appraisal System
Sedratech's Engineering services include:

    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Manufacturing Engineering
    • Electronic and Embedded Services
    • Technical Publication
    • Aftermarket Services
    • Product Development
    • Composites