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June 1, 2016 – e-SKY Solutions (e-SKY) has partnered with GrowthCorp Alliance, LLC (GCA), a leader in the human resources and payroll field, to help their clients succeed in today’s changing world.
EXTO combines human resource management, payroll, and employee perks all into one affordable, efficient solution package!

Additional benefits include a self-service employee portal and a private discount program. EXTO also provides employees with a central location online to access their payroll/benefits information, to print pay stubs/W-2s, to track/request time off, and to discover fantastic new discounts offered to staff as a benefit of their employment.

EXTO’s discount program gives employees access to a wide range of nation-wide discounts to nearly 300,000 vendors. These include such popular companies as Costco, Sprint, and Disney World – plus discounts with hundreds of hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, theme parks, and museums, in addition to many other attractions nationwide.

GrowthCorp Alliance is proud to work with associations and organizations to offer these benefits exclusively to their member companies – which provides an excellent new resource for their members. Association leaders interested in learning more can find information on the company’s website at www.growthcorpalliance.com.

Mitch Diamond, President of GCA said, “We’re excited to be working with forward-thinking businesses and associations, and appreciate their desire to offer their members benefits that meet them where they live. Putting cash back into employees’ pockets can make a real difference in their lives.”

e-SKY Solutions offers individuals and corporation access to thousands of training materials readily available for purchase through the site’s e-Commerce capabilities. Their Integrated Multi-Channel Online Learning is an innovative teaching philosophy that mimic’s real-life learning routines. It not only offers access to instruction, support materials and references, but also delivers an online learning community for students to share and internalize knowledge.

For more information about EXTO, contact the EXTO team at 844.537.0329 ext. 4, or hello@growthcorpalliance.com

For more information about e-SKY Solutions, call 855.697.3591 or visit www.e-sky.ca

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